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  2. Youth Ministry Update
  3. Women’s Ministry Update
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  5. Missions Team Update
  6. Deacon Update
  7. Men’s Ministry Update

Survival Strategy for the Holidays

by Jack Arrington

Ready. Set. Go. The gun is about to sound for the race though the holiday season. Ready or not, it’s coming.

It’s better to be ready.

So how do you do that?

One word: budget.

Budget your time. Budget your money. Have a plan. Don’t just let the holidays hit you. If you don’t manage them, they will control you.

So take a hard look at your finances and decide what you can afford, what you should and shouldn’t spend. I hope you already have a family budget. We do. All year long—a little bit each month—we set aside money in savings for end of the year spending.

Never, never, ever do holidays on borrowed money. It’s fine to use a credit card for the points or the cash back IF AND ONLY IF you pay it off every month.

Don’t do your holidays on what you should be giving to the Lord.

Decide what you can spend on entertainment. Decide what you can spend on gifts. Stick with those decisions.

Maybe you build in a fudge factor. But if you don’t have a plan and stick with it, the thrill of holiday celebrations will lead to the depression of debt.

The same goes for your time. Plan it. Budget it. Control it. Master it. Don’t be its slave.

Get out your calendar and write down your family ‘must do’ dates. Don’t let anything get in their way.

Plan time with your un-churched friends and neighbors. When will you have them over? Will you have them over for a meal? Or Coffee and dessert? Decide it. Do it. This time of year, be strategic in using your time for the Kingdom. People love parties. So did Jesus. Parties are a great way to help people get to know him.

Budgeted holidays are survivable holidays—happy holidays, even.

For the Reason for the season,

Pastor Jack

Youth Group Update

by Dick Hohn

Sean Grumbach, one of our own, has been leading the FBC Youth Group for the past two months. As a result of attending the Summit in August, Sean felt led to devote his time and skills to the youth group. He has been leading worship for the youth (we have a band), teaching lessons, and providing leadership for the youth and the youth leaders. The youth rooms have been completely redone by the students to be more youth friendly. There is even a “black light room” (whatever that is) where youth can play select video games before and after group. Sodas are being made available (pay your own way) and snacks have been upgraded with the youth providing the funding. Derek Harvell has been great in presenting active games for the youth. Tori Harvell keeps us in touch with the kids of FBC missionaries. And guess what has happened? The number of youth attending has doubled. Some new students (friends of FBC youth) and some returning students are coming to see what is happening a in the FBC Youth Group. All in all, it’s a very exciting time. Thanks, Sean!!

The youth hosted the Trunk and Treat event on October 31st. No one was very optimistic about having a successful event, but “Oh ye of little faith.” We ran out of hot dogs—and we bought over a hundred. We ran out of sodas, too. We nearly ran out of candy, though we had too many pounds donated to count. We did NOT run out of people coming to the event. We had most of the youth there to help with food prep, face painting, the fish pond, and balloon creation. We had twenty cars of FBC members stocked with candy. I estimate we had almost fifty FBC folks there to assist with the event. Many more FBC folks donated candy; THANKS! It was needed and distributed. Most importantly, there were between 150 – 200 community folks who showed up for the event. Wow! We were all blown away. Five hundred fliers had been distributed. Signs had been posted in front of the church. The Good News Clubs had been invited and many FBC members had invited neighbors and friends. And the event had been prayed over. It was a great night. Thanks to Esther Edwards and Joyce Southwell for being persistent in pushing for the event to be held. It only takes a few or even one to light a fire.

Women’s Ministry News

2012 Retreat

It’s time to start making plans for our 2012 beach retreat, “A Fresh Brewed Prayer Life.” The dates are January 27 – 29, 2012 at Long Bay Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. The cost of the 3-bedroom condos is $70 if you sign up by December 4th, or $80 after that. The speaker for this year’s retreat is speaker/author Cheri Fuller. Cheri is an engaging speaker who shares practical wisdom through storytelling, leaving audiences inspired and challenged to face life’s struggles with hope and purpose. Please stop by the registration table in the church foyer this Sunday, to sign up and view/borrow several of Cheri’s books OR sign up online at :

Learning Center Update

Please take note of the following changes in the learning center for this month:

December 18 No Learning Center – toddlers/nursery only
December 25 No Learning Center – nursery only
If you have any questions concerning this schedule, please contact Brenda Jones using our contact form:

Missions Team Update

We have recently received notifications regarding three FBC missionary families who are experiencing significant financial support shortfalls. Jon and Amanda Howard (serving with South America Mission in Colombia) are planning to return to the U.S. in December in order to raise the financial support needed to meet their shortfall. In addition, Don and Krystal Zollinger (serving with Christar in Albania) and John and Lisa Miller (serving at Christar headquarters in Texas) are both experiencing shortfalls exceeding $1000 per month.

Please take a moment now to pray for these needs and to ask God if He would have you give.

John and Amanda Howard —
–To Give:

John and Lisa Miller —
–To Give:

Don and Krystal Zollinger —
–To Give:

Deacon Update

“Many hands make light work.” The deacons and the decor committee want to thank all of the “hands” that came out to paint the foyer and hallways. It is such a fresh new look, and just in time for the holidays. We hope all who enter FBC find it to be uplifting and inviting. And speaking of inviting, we invite you all to join us in January when we begin painting in the sanctuary. A bright and welcoming sanctuary will be a great way to kick off the New Year!

Men’s Ministry Update

Early November found fourteen men from FBC enjoying a great weekend in the mountains of North Carolina at the Men’s Retreat. Ridge Haven near Brevard was a great venue for our get-away. We had times of worship, games, and good interaction around the topic of leadership. God used this time to speak to several of us about specific actions we should take as men and leaders.

The Lord graced us with beautiful weather while there. The food was good as we enjoyed home cooked meals served family style each day. We all went to the obstacle course to watch the brave at heart and foolish of body tackle what turned out to be a very tough challenge. At our wrap up time on Sunday, all agreed it had been great time together. If you missed this year’s retreat, make plans to join us next year.