FBC kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Children are a treasured, invaluable part of our church family. FBC takes ministry to kids and their families as a privilege and a serious responsibility. By supplementing what parents are living and teaching at home, we hope to stir a longing in each child to know and trust Jesus as his or her personal savior.


An area for babies is located near the Worship Center and is staffed by an incredible group of loving volunteers. Just down the hall from the Nursery is a private and relaxing room for nursing mothers. Parents may drop off babies in the Nursery prior to the start of the Worship Service.


Steady walkers through 3-year-olds gather in a fun and age-appropriate room in the Learning Center, adjacent to the main building. Parents can drop off children in the Toddler area prior to the start of the Worship Service. 


Preschool through 5th-grade children are an important part of the FBC family. Elementary-age children participate in the Worship Service with other generations and are dismissed to the Learning Center just prior to the sermon.
The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible interaction that helps kids dive deep into the "big story" of Scripture. God has a plan to rescue people through His Son, and the entire Bible points to this good news about Jesus. Children in Preschool through 5th grade have the weekly opportunity to interact and engage with Scripture through art, videos, music, and activities.
To help kids avoid therapeutic moralistic deism, the chronological study plan unites the "big story" and themes of the Bible together. The Gospel Project is just another way we are able to meet kids where they are and take them where God wants to go.
For more information about The Gospel Project, simply click here.

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