Fellowship Bible Church is blessed to have a team of dedicated men who preserve unity in the church and support the directional leadership of the Elders by attending to tangible needs of FBC, all the while utilizing the gifts, passions, skills and desires of others .

Patrick Connor

Media Tech
Patrick is a patient behind-the-scenes leader who oversees much of the media and technology for Sunday morning services and is part of a dedicated tech team who faithfully serves Christ at FBC.

Levi Lane

Deacon at Large
Levi is great at seeing the big picture and involving others in the completion of projects, all the while caring for people as well...people. His positivity and encouragement make serving at FBC enjoyable.

Eric Grumbach

Congregational Care
Eric loves to interact with people and see them succeed in life (job, finances, living situations) as well as in faith, whether trusting in Christ for the first time or deepening their commitment to Jesus.

Caleb Young

Caleb leads the Deacon Team in prioritizing projects and meeting the needs of people at FBC and in the community, all while emphasizing spiritual development in church leadership.

Dick Carson

Dick enjoys meeting the needs of others both inside and outside FBC. He has an extensive knowledge of operations which allows us to utilize our building space for the church and local community.

David Sneath

David is a soft-spoken leader who consistently empowers and encourages others both at work and at FBC. He, along with an incredible team, ensure that we are good stewards of the financial resources so generously given. 

Don Zollinger

Deacon at Large
Don has a contagious faith as a Jesus follower and is our professional "jack of all trades." He provides continual support to fellow Deacons as needed and requested on special projects.

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