Mission and values


The Mission of FBC

Our mission is to partner with God in transforming people into the likeness of Jesus Christ. We want to meet you wherever you are and help you move toward where God wants you to be.

The Values of FBC

The Gospel

The Good News of Jesus Christ compels us to spread God’s love by word and deed. Our goal is a missional mindset, so that as a whole and individually we engage the world outside our church with both practical deeds of compassion and a clear message of eternal life in Christ.

Kingdom Growth

We long to be a part of increasing the universal body of Christ. Locally, that looks like multiplying small groups within our own church body and, when appropriate, starting new churches. Globally, we send short-term and long-term missionaries to make disciples in all nations.

Cultural Relevance

We are committed to regularly evaluating our ministries to make sure they are both biblically sound and culturally appropriate.

God's Word

In the Bible, we encounter Jesus Christ, the only one who can bring us into a relationship with God, by which we are forever changed.  We purpose to build our lives and our ministries upon God’s eternal truth revealed in the pages of Scripture. 

Dependence on God

We know that without God we can do nothing of eternal value. In all we do, we seek the enabling power and presence of his Spirit through diligent prayer.

God-Honoring Worship

Because of who God is and what He has done, He is worthy of passionate, creative group worship that will inspire individual lives of worship. We regularly observe the Lord’s Supper and believer’s baptism.

Authentic Community

We believe that real life-change happens best in the context of loving, encouraging relationships. We diligently use our ministries and resources to build connections in every part of our church body by putting people first and programs second.

Mature Believers

The body of Christ is designed so that every member has a God-given ministry role. We intentionally build up committed followers of Christ who are eager to use their gifts to serve.

Servant Leaders

We want to entrust leadership roles only into the hands of those who are biblically and spiritually mature.

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