Meeting students
where they are. 

Students at FBC attend public schools, private schools, and home schools. Some live in Irmo, and others in the Lexington and Chapin areas. There are students who made a decision to follow Jesus long ago and those who need to trust in Christ for the first time. Some are in middle school and some in high school.

Our goal is to embrace students no matter their school, spiritual status, home situation, or grade level. 

Taking students 
where God wants to go.

God is all about transformation, and leading students to the next stage in their spiritual journey is at the heart of everything we do. Our desire is to have every student trusting in Jesus as Rescuer, owning their faith, and becoming mature Christians who know how to study the Bible, pray, and live out the Gospel.

MFUGE 2023

Winter Jam 2023

@ Sharing God's Love

@ The Fireflies

Christmas Party 2022

Water Wars

OGM Project

MFUGE 2022

@ Triggertyme Paintball

@ The Rink

Christmas   2021

@ The Farm

@ The Howards

@ The Movies

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