Learning Center Promotion Sunday

07 Jun 2015 | 10:00 am

Please note that June 7th will be our promotion Sunday when kids move up to the next class/level. We will recognize our graduating 5th graders during the service so please plan on having them there! Also, if you have any concerns with your child moving up at the beginning of the summer instead of waiting until the end of the summer, or you are not sure what class your child will move to, the please contact either Joy Tompkins or Lisa Kejr and we’ll be glad to talk with you!

The classes are as follows:
Nursery (infant to walking)
Toddlers (walking to 2 yrs old)
Preschool (3-4 yrs old)
K-1st Grd (5-6 yrs old)
2nd-3rd Grd (7-8 yrs old)
4th-5th Grd (9-10 yrs old)